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BakeryLogic is an independent baking consultancy based in the UK but we work all over the world.

It's founder Jason Frankland has more than twenty-five years experience in the bakery industry. His baking education started in artisan & retail bakeries and for over twenty years, working in R&D and Technical roles for Warburtons.

We specialise in the production of BREAD, BUNS, FERMENTED and HOTPLATE goods, whatever the scale.

The foundation of BakeryLogic is simple. Apply underpinning baking science to provide cost effective solutions for the real world.

Our mission is to apply, develop and share bakery knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Bakery Consultants UK

By understanding the true interactions between recipe and process we add value to your business, providing knowledge based solutions that reduce cost, improve product quality and allow you to innovate faster.

At BakeryLogic we have been lucky. We were brought up in the baking world to question everything, no matter how obvious those questions may sound. In our experience it's normally the obvious questions that no-one wants to ask that lead to the biggest breakthroughs.

BakeryLogic don't represent any ingredient or equipment supplier. We offer a completely confidential and impartial view of your process identifying the crucial steps to improve bakery performance.

Our Services


Baking Problems Solved

We believe that there's no baking problem that can't be solved if you approach it in the right way.

Remaining clear and objective is critical but that's difficult when you are under pressure to solve a problem. That's where BakeryLogic fit in, providing solutions based on facts rather than opinion or emotion.

Recipe / Equipment Optimisation

Recipe and Equipment Optimisation

How well do you know your recipes?

Do you understand what each ingredient does and why it does it?

What ingredients work together and what ingredients fight each other?

What about mystical, magical dough conditioners? Do you really know what's in your dough conditioners and why it's there?

We have spent years constructing and de-constructing both recipes and dough conditioners, understanding what each component does (or doesn't do!).

BakeryLogic can help you and your teams understand the (not so) black art of recipe construction and dough conditioner formulation.

Equipment purchase is a major investment for any business. Decisions are often made because of personal preference or supplier opinion.

With our experience across a vast range of equipment we can provide an unbiased view of pros and cons to let clients make a clear, objective decision.

Once equipment has been purchased, optimising use of it is often overlooked. We can help you get the most out of your capital spend in ways you never thought possible to help reduce your costs and improve quality.

Plant Commissioning

Commissioning support is another area of BakeryLogic's expertise.

We have many years of experience commissioning different plants. Deadlines to completion are always a burning platform. Customer expectation and supplier performance do not always meet the desired goal.

Our experience, observational skills and quick thinking can help mediate and knit the process together for all parties.

Equipment Development

Baking Equipment Development

The biology and chemistry behind baking is better understood than ever before, but what about physics? The interaction between raw ingredients and the machines we use to process them into finished baked goods?

On an industrial scale, the way baked products are mixed and processed into finished goods has barely changed in the past 50 years. Equipment design is pretty much the same as it was in the 1960's or even before. Machines may now be made from stainless steel, easier to clean or use less energy but the fundamental design is pretty much the same.

The fact that equipment design has barely changed surely means that this area is ripe for innovation?

BakeryLogic have spent years understanding the fundamental science behind each process step and the physics behind it. How to unlock extra baking performance, whether that be volume, structure, softness or crumb strength from equipment rather than extra ingredients is very achievable if equipment suppliers are prepared to think differently.

The functions of mixing and processing can be greatly improved and made simpler without compromising or even improving quality. The number of additives in the recipe can be reduced which means cleaner products for consumers and reduced costs for bakers.

Simpler recipes and processing gives greater opportunity of producing less waste and producing right first time.


Bakery Product Innovation

Consumer tastes are changing faster than ever before. This means bakers have to innovate faster.

How slick is your innovation process? We can help you innovate faster by simplifying it and getting the right product to market quicker.

Having worked around the world, we have a good understanding of emerging trends. Perhaps you would like to launch healthier, more nutritious products?

BakeryLogic has years of experience in developing bakery products with increased nutritional content. If you want to develop higher protein, higher fibre or lower calorie products bespoke to you, let us know.

We also have experience of successfully managing and delivering government R&D projects.


Bakery Training Academy

A big passion for us is training. No matter which country we work in, every baker tells us bakery education is not what it used to be and they are right!

That has to change.

Understanding the underpinning science behind baking and how that can be applied in the real world allows your teams to truly unleash their potential. Our bespoke training programmes are tailored to suit groups or individuals and will help build confidence to make the right decisions, more of the time.

Good training is a big investment for any business but probably one of the best investments you can make.

Training programmes can be carried out at site or in conjunction with a preferred ingredient or equipment supplier.

Areas of expertise:

• Flour & Ingredients • Handling
• Recipe Construction • Moulding
• Dough Conditioner Formulation • Proving
• Pre fermentation • Baking
• No time dough • Cooling
• Mixing • Product Analysis (Subjective & Objective)

Gluten Free

The market for gluten free & free from products has grown exponentially in the past 15 years whether through medical need or lifestyle choice. The market is still growing around 12% year on year.

Making gluten free cakes and muffins is relatively straightforward. They are more dense and are less reliant on gluten to provide strength and structure. Gluten free bread and buns are a little different.

So how do you make bread and buns with no gluten that's normally provided from wheat flour?

Take your home chemistry set and throw it all in a mixing bowl!!

It doesn't have to be like that.

If we think a little differently about gluten free bread we can make a simpler, more natural product that looks and tastes more like normal bread.

With gluten free bread we see the same traits and problems all over the world. Holes in the crumb and lack of crumb strength, making it difficult to butter or apply fillings.

BakeryLogic have the knowledge and the foresight to understand this. By applying a different way of thinking you could produce a cleaner, more natural product that looks more like bread, tastes more like bread and gives more of the eating quality of bread.


We would always recommend a face to face visit when solving bakery problems but smaller bakeries may not have the budget for an on-site visit.

SolveIt@BakeryLogic is aimed at smaller bakeries who are experiencing baking related problems or product faults but may not have the technical resource or experience to get to the root cause. This option provides a very cost effective solution for getting your products back on track.

It is a remote service through email and Skype where we can help understand the problem and provide solutions through a logical approach, based on baking science:

  • Understand the problem
  • Identify primary and secondary causes
  • Provide an implementation plan

Obviously, the information you provide is vital so supplying images and as much detail as you can about the product and process is vital.

If you do have a problem with your baked products please contact us through solveit@bakerylogic.com

Case Studies

We have had the privilege of working with many bakery and food manufacturing companies throughout the world where we have helped to improve product quality, process efficiency and reduce losses.

Holes in Bread

The Problem

Holes in the crumb structure of tin bread


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Jason Frankland

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